Sending Record by Email (Updated)

(Updated April 3, 0223/bug fixes and linked form support added) This is a simple form script for emailing a TapForms record without using the print feature. Here is how a record will look like in the email: Title: Fall Colors #4 Folio: Fall Colors Bar Code: 2022 Print Size: 16×20 Medium: Panel Mounted Print with […]

Using Automator and Dropbox to Automate Photo Import

Someone in the Tap Forms forum recently asked, if it is possible to automatically import an image from a folder using Automator into a new Tap Forms record. Since I was thinking about a similar application, I further investigated this. Currently, the Javascript API doesn’t support file system access, but adding an image from a […]

Copying record data between documents with remote scripts

I already showed one example using the clipboard to exchange data between two Tap Forms documents. Now there is a second way using script URLs: And in the target script ‘Test Script’, the parameters dictionary object contains the provided values: It is important that all option variables and their content is properly encoded so that […]

Copying record data between documents

TapForms 5 doesn’t provide a way to copy data from one document to another one. But since a few releases, there is support to copy data to and from the clipboard. This can be used for data exchange between two documents. Following functions copies the currentRecord in JSON format to the clipboard: Then in the […]

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