Adding keyboard support to single image pages

I love the single image page view since it supports customizations using phplugins. Unfortunately, navigation requires a mouse or a touchpad. But there is a fix for that! With some php and javascript magic, support for simple keyboard navigation can be added:

  • Left key: previous image
  • Right key: next image
  • Escape key: go back to album view

You can see this in operation on this gallery.

Adding following code to your phplugins file is all that is needed:

function single_bottom(){
   // support for left/right arrow key and esc key navigation
   $photo = $this->photo;
   $album = $this->album;
   echo' <script>
      function checkKey(e) {
         switch(e.which) {
            case 37: ';
               if ($album->getPreviousPhoto($photo)) { 
                  echo 'location.href=$("li.single_image_prev a").attr("href");';
               echo 'break;
            case 39:';
               if ($album->getNextPhoto($photo)) {
                  echo 'location.href=$("li.single_image_next a").attr("href");';
               echo 'break;
            case 27:';
               echo 'location.href=$("li.single_image_back a").attr("href");';			
               echo 'break;
            default: return; 
      document.onkeydown = checkKey;

Now you can use the keyboard to control single page image view as well. Happy browsing!

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