3 thoughts on “Better use of metadata for single image pages”

  1. Daniel- thanks for this great tool. A couple of questions on initial set up.

    1. You mentioned the location to enter metadata string is in “Gallery Templates” – do you mean Album Templates?

    2. The string appears to be entered in the metadata field under Metadata 1 of the thumbnail section – do I leave the selector button on or off for that field? I normally have it off since I don’t add metadata to the thumbnails.

    3. On the full image caption field I assume I leave that blank as the phplugin will place data as written?



    1. Hi Terry,

      1) yeah, Album Templates
      2) off is correct since you don’t want this data to be displayed
      3) phplugins will not modify the image caption field, but it provides another way to add information to the single-image page. So you can use the caption field or ignore it.

      Hope this helps!


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